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Sunday, 04 July 2010 08:54


The project “Following the Goths” – Prehistory of the Hrubieszów Land as an Element of European Cultural Heritage.

In the spring of 2007 the Hrubieszów-Mircze Association “Better Tomorrow” – Local Action Group started the realisation of the project co-financed by the Pilot Programme Leader + Scheme II. The overriding aims of the project were the promotion of the cultural heritage and increasing the tourist attractiveness of the communes of Hrubieszów and Mircze. The conceptual foundations for the project were the results of the long-term archaeological research conducted in the region, with particular focus on the discoveries of traces of the Gothic community in Masłomęcz.

Results of the project:

1. Museum exhibit “Gothic Hut” in Masłomęcz – reconstruction of the dwelling building discovered in Hrubieszów-Podgórze (cf. below).

2. Tourist route “The Trail of the Goths” – leading through places connected with the most important archaeological discoveries and through interesting scenic, natural, cultural and historical sites. Its starting point is the Gothic hut reconstruction and it ends at the ruins of the castle of the Ostroróg family in Kryłów.

3. Training courses in agritourism for the inhabitants of the village.

4. Archaeological festival – the overview of the project realised in 2007 combined with the official opening of the Gothic hut.

5. Publication of “30 Powodów do Dumy z Mieszkania w Krainie Gotów” (“30 Reasons to be Proud of Living in the Land of the Goths”) by Prof Andrzej Kokowski, about the most interesting events, discoveries and issues connected with archaeological research conducted in the Hrubieszów region. The promotion took place during the archaeological festival summing up the realisation of intended aims.

The project from 2007 gave rise to further large-scale activities which were to lead to the creation of the re-enactment group presenting various aspects of everyday life of the Masłomęcz Goths between the 2nd and the 4th centuries AD.


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